Our Mission:

The Mission of Men and Women for Human Excellence, Inc. (MWFHE) is to help stabilize and empower recovering individuals who are burdened with thoughts and behavior that are self-destructive. We facilitate this by enlisting them into a holistic person-first, strength-based, recovery oriented program with a well-rounded network of support mechanisms that enables them to gain and maintain a stable and progressive lifestyle. The focus of MWFHE is to provide people in recovery an atmosphere of structure, love, guidance, and a safe environment for growth and development. MWFHE aim is to keep on the path that was blazed by the visions and capacity for love that our Co-Founder Kenny Ali (1957-2011) exhibited when MWFHE was first established. Our Recovery Programs are based on Twelve Guiding Principles that are deemed necessary for success on the Road of Recovery.


Our Programs and Services:

In April 2005, MWFHE was granted a Full License from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to operate a drug and alcohol intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient (OP) treatment facility. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services are the highest level of therapeutic care. IOP services include a one-hour individual therapy session, and three 3-hour group sessions per week. The less intense OP services include a one-hour individual therapy session and two 2-hour group sessions per week. Learn more


In the course of delivering drug and alcohol recovery services, MWFHE realized and understood that for some individuals their drug and alcohol use may have been related or linked to a mental health challenge. The need for mental health services became apparent, and In September of 2006, Men and Women for Human Excellence, Inc. were licensed to provide Mental Health Recovery services. Learn more


Beginning in 2014, Men and Women for Human Excellence’s Inc. (MWFHE) implemented major changes to our residential program. We changed our approach from operating six (6) residential recovery houses, to providing a residential setting that functions as a “therapeutic community”. Our Residential Program now operates out of one large facility that houses up to eighty-eight (88) individuals who are assisting each other to recover as a “Therapeutic Community”. Learn more


We provide Free Transportation and Free Lunch to our Program Participants.Learn more


On January 5, 2015 MWFHE became licensed to provide Drug Abuse Treatment and Educational Services for adults 18 and over in the state of Georgia. Learn more