Cooperative Agreement to
Benefit Homeless Individuals Initiative



MWFHE-CABHI Initiative
The Cooperative Agreement to
Benefit Homeless Individuals
(CABHI) Initiative is one
component of the Housing First
Model approach to ending




The Men & Women for Human
Excellence Inc. (MWFHE) -Cooperative
Agreement to Benefit Homeless
Individuals (CABHI) Initiative provides
permanent supportive housing, and a
wide array of supportive services to help
chronically homeless African American
Adults ( male & female) maintain their
housing and other needs.



(CABHI) Initiative works to quickly move chronically homeless African American Adults into sustainable permanent housing.


The Cooperative Agreement to Benefit Homeless Individuals (CABHI) Initiative will provide services to individuals in a collaborative manner to ensure:

  • Have their basic needs met in a non-congregate environment individual, Single Room Occupancy (SRO) or shared unit
  • Move to positive, stable housing
  • Have access to resources and services as needed to maintain housing


Service will be provided in a manner that enhances the individuals’ stability, respects the individual’s uniqueness, and enables the individual to establish and maintain a permanent housing.



CABHI/ MWFHE helps people with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder (COD), Serious Mental Illness (SMI), Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED), find housing and supportive services.

Additional Services provided includes:

  • Financial assistance
  • Budget counseling
  • Landlord advocacy
  • Linkages to community agencies that will provide services sufficient to enable the individual to obtain and maintain permanent housing.

Combined with the full support of the Community Shelters’, its partner agencies, and the community, will serve homeless African American Adults who have obstacles that prevent their obtaining housing.

Housing should be the central goal of our work with people experiencing homelessness. Providing housing assistance and follow-up case management services after an individual is housed, we can significantly reduce the time people spend in homelessness.


These services include comprehensive mental health services; substances abuse treatment, employment, vocational training, benefit assistance, as well as help with independent living skills, such as money management and housekeeping.


The Rental Assistance Agencies help chronically homeless Black/African American Adults financially to obtain and maintain permanent housing within months from initial intake



CABHI Initiative is to assist chronically homeless African American Adults male & female in our community help them establish and maintain permanent housing and to provide them short-term or long-term array of supportive services.

Short-Term &   Long-Term Criteria

Participant will… (just to name a few)

  • Obtain necessary documentation including social security card, birth certificate, and state ID, ect
  • Be active in treatment and supportive services
  • Have show evidence of income significance to maintain permanent housing.

Homeless people and people in imminent threat of homelessness in Philadelphia County will have the opportunity to resolve their housing crisis through the collaborative development of an efficient use of a pool of available community resources.