The Men & Women for Human Excellence, Inc. (MWFHE) endeavor began with the vision of Co-Founders Kenny Ali and Keith Johnson. Their dreams of making a difference and reaching out into the community where they lived fostered their desire and pushed them into action. They were tired of watching their friends, neighbors, and the broader community; especially the younger generations stand on corners and get swallowed up by drugs, violence, hunger, prostitution and total ignorance. They noticed that the number one employer in their neighborhood was the drug pusher, and the pay was death and jails. They remembered the time when they were among the army of the living-dead, and living life without hope was the criteria for membership.

In 2014, Men and Women for Human Excellence, Inc. (MWFHE) operated three programs, Drug and Alcohol Recovery; Mental Health Recovery; and the Residential Therapeutic Community. These programs provided a variety of services utilizing three MWFHE locations that employed thirty-six (36) full-time staff; eleven (11) part-time staff; and three (3) consultants. Our staff includes a Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Master’s-level Therapists, Certified Addiction Counselors, Certified Peer Specialists, and administrative personnel.

In our programs, people in recovery are encouraged and supported to be fully involved in the entire recovery process from the screening and assessment procedure; to planning their recovery treatment services; and eventually, developing their Continuing Care Plan when transitioning out of the program.


12 Guiding Principles of MWFHE

1. Respect – For Self and Others
2. Patience
3. Belief
4. Discipline
5. Honesty
6. Leadership

7. Integrity
8. Consideration
9. Empathy
10. Responsibility
11. Courage
12. Pride